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Yesterday I was on the phone, I was on-line and I made connections with people offline.  You would have to say my day was filled with social networking.  Although some of my conversations seemed to be just chit chat, believe me they weren't.  My purpose for connecting with anybody is to listen for Keywords in their conversation to find out how I might be able to help them. This doesn't mean I disregard everything else they say.  It's just a normal conversation but I have trained my ears to pick up keywords.

Let me share with you about how I train my ears to pick up keywords:

1. I profusely saturate myself with product knowledge which makes my ears sensitive to keywords about the benefits our products offer.

2. I constantly connect with other professionals in my business to pick up new keywords.

3. I make it a point to pay attention to testimonials.  They are always filled with keywords.

Understanding the keywords associated with your business makes it a lot easier to recognize when you have a good prospect or not.  It is especially good to know keywords so you can influence the conversation...

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