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Do you have a "Bucket List?"  I know that was the name of a recent movie but I have a reason for asking...

Every time I tell someone about something I am doing on my "list of things that I have always wanted to accomplish" they say "Oh...your Bucket List."  So now, I just call it my Bucket List.

My Bucket List includes things that I have wanted to do my whole life.  All of the items are important to me because they are my list.  Some of the items may be silly to others but because they are things that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime, they are mine.  No one can make the list for me and no one can accomplish the things that I want to achieve.

For instance, I worked in "corporate world" for years.  I am determined not to go back to that world but, instead, build a successful home-based business.  I have been there and done that with corporate America.  Not bad, but "no thanks."  Not any more.

I wanted to learn how to play the piano ever since I could remember.  I will now begin my fifth year starting in January.  When my piano teacher told me that I was now at the "intermediate" level recently, I about fell off my piano stool.  Me, at the intermediate level.  Wow!  Perseverance at its finest.  It has taken one lesson a week and many hours of prac...

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