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DId you know that up until recently lawyers were not allowed to advertise in the U.S., recently meaning the 1970's.  Yes we all know lawyers were doing well before then, so how did they do it?  There were no TV commercials, No billboards and no ads in your local newspapers.  It's simple they learned and mastered the art of networking.  An old school lawyer has developed his networking skills to the Nth power!

Networking is much more than we want to think it is online.  Networking is not just throwing up ads, that is advertising much different than networking.  Networking is building relationships that lead to the most effective form of advertising there is, word of mouth.

So what is word of mouth advertising?  Simple it's having people tell their friends and family about you, and it's free!  Think about how many times you have done free advertising for something or someone.  We do it all the time.  Know of a good restuarant? I bet you told someone.  Seen a good movie and just had to tell your frinds to go see it? Used a good product and couldn't wait to rave about it?  All of those examples are word of mouth advertising and I'm sure you never got a check for it either.

That is the goal of networking.  To have your name be the one people tell their friends and family when you have the means to help them solve a problem.  But it tak...

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