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I have been browsing some of the members profiles and one point I would make is, people are NOT filling out the "about me" section.

This in my opinion should be compulsory, if we are not to end up as we have in the APSense 1.0 with thousands of anonymous members all expecting people to do business with them but not prepared to tell us who they are, but instead just hiding behind a user name.

It is my opinion that IF a member is doing honest business then they should have no objection to filling it in. I can understand the "Haves" and "Wants" being left blank in some cases, but I saw one profile that stated they are "looking for co workers" yet there is nothing in their profile in the "About me" , "Haves", or "Wants"

Can that person honestly expect to get co workers when they are not prepared to say who they are or what it is they have that they want co workers for   

I also saw another where the person has just hit a load of keys on their keyboard and typed in a bunch if garbage in the "About me" come on wake up and get serious here people!

Feed back please on this and also state if you feel that the About me should be compulsory or not.


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