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This is an interesting question.  I realized quite a while back when I was still in the daily grind of working at the police department that I was in effect becoming my job.  In my case I view it as a good thing but I'm sure there are many more cases where it is not a good thing.

What I mean by "becoming your job" is have your thought patterns, interests etc changed to conform with your job?  After 12 years with a police department and a samll one at that I had to learn how to think like a cop.  Often the full nighttime staff would be a patrol officer and me.  The officer did the patrol I did all the dispatching, fielding calls, paperwork etc and when we had an arrest I had to help with some of the processing.  As a result I started to think like a cop.  Since cops spend their time chasing criminals they think like criminals so now I think like a criminal which is a good thing.  I tend to be very aware of what can lead to a crime so I tend to take steps to prevent it happening to me.

I also found myself very interested in things relating to crime off the job.  I'd read true crime and crime fiction books.  My must see TV included shows like NYPD Blue, Law and Order, America's Most Wanted and COPS.  SOmetimes the theme from COPS just starts running through my mind for no particular reason to this very day.

I always loved that job and never really dreaded going to wo...

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