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 I'm sure that nothing short of good sex and a great meal can really beat the feeling of accomplishment and completion that one feels when he/she actually sets, reaches and wins a goal.

 By nature, I am an action-taking goal making Businessperson/Athlete. The sports analogy is not meant purely in the physical sense, it is meant in the factual existance of The Ultimate Athlete/Spiritual Presence that is inherent in all humans.

 Something as simple as clearing a cluttered email box can be truly rewarding to a personality that equates it to "The Ultimate Athlete/Spiritual Presence!"

 Drudgery, boredom and negative, mechanical work becomes sort of an artistic and fun endeavor when the mind-body is fully and positively engaged.

 I mean today I made a few business flyers for a really worthwhile promotion and my Happiness bounced through the roof! :)

 This reaction comes as a result of finally "coming into accordance" with the marketing plan that was being made mentally in my head.

 As I become used to the Internal process of creating effective marketing plans as opposed to following "by rote" the plans laid out by others, I began to realize that this is what the mind-body really wants!

Here is an example of positive ...

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