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Do you think that viral marketing works?   For me, the jury is still out on this one.

There are many viral marketing tools available now, and it seems to be one of the
current buzz words/program types, however, it doesn't seem to me to be as easy
to get referrals as the owners of these programs would have us believe.

There is only one of these tools with which I've had any success so far, and it is
one of the original programs.   Although my downline there is small, at least I
have one!  ;-)

I have tried some of the other tools around, with no success at all, although that
may be due to my lack of business skills, not the program's fault - who knows?

Have you tried any of these programs?   If so, which ones, and are you having
any success with them?   Would really like to know what you think.........

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