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Tell us what you are doing

This is another little tool we have at our fingertips to help build relationships here on 2.0.  The mini blog allows you to place a short update message about what you are doing at any given moment.  You can even see ongoing conversations there.  One member makes a post and other members can reply to it.  It's a quick easy way to up date all apsense members at once rather than have to send a separate message to each member. 

Leave word

If you would rather direct something to a specific member then you can visit their profile page and leave word for them.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom of their page you will see a box just waiting for you to fill it.  Leave a message of welcome say hello or just let them know that maybe you have a common interest.  Again it's a quick easy way to communicate wihtout sending a formal message.

APSense mail system

This is the formal message.  Maybe you want to say something to that member in private then use the mail system.  Or if you want to send a longer message use the mail system. 


The one thing I should stress is that none of these tools should be used to post links or send recuriting selling/messages.  That is a no-no!  There is however one exception to that unbreakable rule, if a member has given you speci...

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