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Before you can talk about who cares about SEO video article marketing you need to understand exactly what is meant by the term.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This means the article author, video creator or both have paid attention to the keyword phrase that is being targeted.

Hopefully, both the video AND the article are targeting the same keyword phrase and the keyword density within the article is about 2 percent. This means a 400 word article would have the keyword used no more than 8 times.

Some of the video hosting services allow you to enter tags so the search engines and potential viewers can find your video but space is limited for these tags.

Embedding your video in a search engine optimized article gives you a very powerful multimedia presentation that gives the search engines the keyword phrase you are targeting plus synonyms and associated copy that helps further target the correct viewing audience.

The reason ANY marketer writes a search engine optimized marketing article is to get their marketing piece in front of people that are actively seeking the information you are presenting.

I’m sure many of you are groaning because you don’t think you can write.

* Can you create transcripts of the video you made?

* Do you have private label rights articles you can rewrite to make n...

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