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I'm in a feisty mood this morning so I'm about to ruffle some feathers.  I have been on this site for a bit and I'm noticing something that really annoys me.  If it offends some well that's the breaks!

Why are you here?  Is this a community in which you take part or are you just coming here to post ads?  We collect credits for our activity here, what form does your activity take?  Do you come here and post articles, comment on others' articles update you status and post on the mini-blog or do you just come and vote enough topics to collect enough credits to post an ad?

The first group is community members!  They are involved and interacting with other members, building relationships and using this site as it should be used.  You can tell who they are very easily.  they are the ones who have Master, Expert or the high numbered Senior by their name.  They get there from activity.  If you have been a member of this site for more than two weeks and you are not a Senior, you are not involved!

The second group is nothing more than spammers doing just enough to collect some credits and drop an ad.  They are not involved, they are not contributing and in my opinion have no other purpose than to sell something. 

There are a lot of good articles being posted by members on using this site.  Peaceful wrote an article about the importance of filling out your profile, BJ wrote a great artic...

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