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At a Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, CA; search marketing professionals debated and discussed whether or not reverse engineering search algorithms was the proper method of SEO or whether website viewers were the most important aspect of an SEO campaign. After much discussion it seems there is still a large disagreement in regards to this subject. Some believe reverse engineering is best and some believe viewer experience is the best solution. I’d like to shed a little light on this subject in regards to my own research and success over the past 12+ years.

Reverse Engineering: I believe this is a necessary step in the SEO campaign however as I've mentioned time and time again to clients, prospects and anyone else who asks this question…it is not a silver bullet. There simply isn’t one. Reverse engineering search engine algorithms is important in any SEO campaign to be sure that your site has the “search engine spider food” that the search engine spiders are looking for. Your site must have this “food” in order to rank well once the search engine applies its algorithm to the pages of your site.

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