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What does that statement mean to you?

I know what it means to me.  I have accomplished a lot in my life and have seen quite a few places.  Every time I do something I feel as though I am on a Journey.  It is not the Destination itself that I am fascinated with it is the Journey as to how I am going to get there and the items leading up to that point.

For me, it is the excitement of the Journey itself.  The anticipation of waiting for the day when you finally get to go on that vacation, you accomplish a major feat, a child's graduation from high school, taking a day trip to go somewhere, anywhere...anything that take you away from your normal, every day routine.  You look forward to soaking up every single minute of that moment (or moments).

What if you look at your business this way?  Image that your Success is A Journey and not a Destination.  A Journey is just adventure that has neverending possibilities, twists, turns, ups, downs, good and bad moments.  A Destination is a stopping point.  You have reached your final Destination and now what?  Where do you go from here?

I personally would rather have the pleasure of continually being on a Journey...I never want to stop learning, going, doing, trying different methods. 

I also know that my Success depends on ME and no one else.  I do not blame others if something goes w...

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