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I recently joined a Mastermind Group that talks about different chapters in the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.  It is lead by one of the most giving, caring Mentors that I have recently had the privilege of being introduced to via his Free help in MLM.

Last night on the call, there was a gentleman who gave his testimonial about how this Mentor and the Mastermind Group changed his life.  And when I say changed his life, I am not kidding around here.

This gentleman had the worst upbringing a person could possibly have in one lifetime.  His circumstances regarding his youth, his parents, his sibling, the absolutely destructive all added up to an existence that one person should never have to experience in their life.

We were discussing one chapter in the book (as is the practice each week).  This week it was Chapter 14...The Sixth Sense.

I quote from Larry: "Stunning how all of the answers to owning my life all lie within the same simple steps I once took in destroying the same precious life."

That is one of the most powerful statement I have ever heard.  On the call, you could hear the conviction in his voice.  The revelation's he made about his life and how he knew that he did not want to live the rest of his life the way it had been going.  He took ownership.  He stated on the call that he would not even look at h...

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