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You may have noticed that many members are now "certified".  The members who have received the honor have not only met the basic requirements, but also shown by their involvement that they are active contributing members of the community.

Many more members do not have the honor and need to apply for it, here is what you must do.

1. Have a properly completed profile

You need to have your about me section completed with information about you, not your business opportunity.  You should not have links leading to business opportunities or referral sites in the about me section.  That is information that needs to be placed in the haves section.  Also you must have a photo or appropriate avatar uploaded to your profile.

2. You must read The Definition of Spam posting and agree to it along with the other site policies.  By applying for certifification honor, you are giving your acknowledgement and agreement to these policies.

3. You must show quality activity on the site, comments, reading and voting topi...

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