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In my years in the MLM business I have made a noteworthy observation of the masses. People love the income aspect of it, everyone needs what it provides, but very few take it seriously.

Why is it that Network Marketing is sometimes looked down upon by the general public? My opinion is that there are some MLM Cowboys out there, making false claims about their opportunity, over promising and under delivering on their promises.

This business is built on people, trust and relationships. If you are in it strictly for a dollar bill, you will not make it very far.

The Multilevel Marketing industry is a way to not only create money, but to create time as well and the only other way you will accomplish that is in the investing world.

Who has enough money these days to invest in the stock market? The answer is: Not too many. So Business systems and the MLM income world are the only ticket to true freedom in this country.

Up until about 3 months ago, when our economy started taking a downturn for the worst, the general public was not very open to opportunity. But now that peoples retirement portfolio's have been reduced by 45%, you can bet your buns, folks are looking.

There is no better time to create MLM income in this country that right now. People need what we have in this industry. They need its...

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