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OK, so we're doing things a little bit different than we anticipated.  Business has taken a turn in a great direction for some and for some a turn in a negative direction.  We have to ask ourselves, "if it's my business who is responsible for the ultimate direction it goes?"  Do we leave it up to circumstances or chance?

What gets me about many who go into business in boom times is that they don't really know if it's the boom time that has their business thriving or smard (smart & hard combined).  The business owners who understand there are ups and downs in business most often stay afloat during tough times because part of their plan is preparing for tough times.

To be fair there are some who have just got going in business for themselves and haven't had the opportunity to plan for the tough times.  What are they to do?  Well the fact of the matter is that tough times are real and they will have to scrimp and scrape to determine if they are suited for being in business for themselves.  I guarantee you one thing though, they will certainly learn a lot and be sure to plan for the boom times and the tough times in their future.

Sudden changes in the national economy don't always hit our areas right away.  They may be signs of things that may be coming our direction but our personal economy is determined by how w...

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