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Well two issues that have given me a pain today.  And lead me to this question about "Allen".  Issue one is I can be hardheaded.  I still don't have GPS in my car.  And I get lost in downtown San Antonio quicker than you can say the word lost.  That is issue one.  Issue two is the southside of downtown has railroad tracks.  Yes currently used railroad tracks.  These two issues combined today to really throw a monkey wrench into the works.

I had an appointment on the southside and being my bullheaded stubborn self I logged on to Mapquest.  Put in the address I was headed to and Viola! directions.  Too bad they were wrong!  Trusting Mapquest to steer me in the right direction I headed to my appointment to run into flashing red lights and a slow moving freight train laboring its way across the road.  With nothing better to do I watched it go by.  Five minutes later I was back on my way not realizing I was heading out of my way.  When I finally realized I was lost, I stopped and asked for directions. 

Thank you nameless stranger, your directions were dead on (ever think of getting a job with Mapquest?  They could use some help!)  However guess what I ran into...again?  That's right another slowly moving freight train crossing the road.  However this time as it went by I really looked at the cars.

Will somebody please...

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