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What's This?

by: Lisa g.


Anyone who has young kids of their own, or ever taken care of a young child, has more than likely heard this common question before at the dinner table.  You've  just set down to a meal that took you over an hour to prepare and cook.  As soon as you proudly set your creative masterpeice on the table, your young child looks upon it all puzzled, and  crinkles his or her nose up, then pokes out their bottom lip and ask, "What's this?"  Of course, you are expecting big smiles, wows and yummies as a response.

 My Southern parents were furious, and perhaps rightly so at times, when my brother or I would occassionally ask, what's this, out of curiosity.  Especially, if it was a dish out of the ordinare from our Soul Food pallette. 

 Definitely, it may not be a question you would want to ask, as an adult, at a dinner party.  Atl...

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