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Ticks, Leeches...Bloodsuckers.  I reckon there isn't a single community on the whole planet that doesn't have their fair share of them!

In my corner of the planet, a tick or leech would be compared to someone who is a constant drain on society.  Someone who has no visibilty in the community, other than being known to never have anything good to contribute yet always expecting to cash in on the hard work of others.  A human tick or leech sucks the very life from those who work for the greater benefit of all!

Now a community player on the other hand is someone who keeps up the homefront.  Their home is presentable to their neighbors making living amongst them a pleasure where a ticks home is a pure disgrace rundown with garbage and junk scattered all about their yard.  Where a community player is careful to keep their neighborhood safe for everyone a leech couldn't care less.

Community players are very visible within their community.  Often reckonized for taking part in community events, fundraisers or charities, they are also well known for being approachable and easy to work with.  A tick just sits at home in his underwear, drinks rubbing alcohol and waits for their next welfare check to arrive even though they are perfectly capable of working for living or even more if they would just put their mind to it!

I could go on but by now you can probably see where I am go...

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