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Hello Friends!

  Another fool called me this morning to get me to join his gifting program. Did some critical thinking and I'm not buying! Here's how it works, now stop for a minute and think...

  Just put your name on the paper and draw a circle around it, only costs $3500 cash only please! Now put Joe's name below  yours and circle it. Joe buys in for $3500 and wow, you made $3500 already! Just what could you and your family do with $3500? (You just broke even!)

  It might cost at least that much to bond you out of JAIL for FRUAD, but it gets better!

  It's like fishing in a stock pond he says. We'll supply you with a list of sucker fish, I mean leads, and you just make the calls, put them suckers on the phone and they listen to the recorded sizzle call (fish in the fry pan), and boom, you landed another one! Next thing you know your a millionaire!

  It's so simple and easy to do, and don't worry, it's not MLM!

  By the way he says, most people will go ahead and borrow the $3500, but in case you can't get Uncle Joe to cough up, you might be able to sucker him into loaning you only $500! You see, we want to make this business easy for anyone!

  Don't forget, cashi...

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