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Here a are a few recruiting tips.  If you're looking to recruit a Realtor or anyone from another profession to team up with you or utilize as part of your service team, consider these tips.


1. Establish professional friendships before you recruit (networking groups etc...)

2. Keep your friends posted on the profile you're looking for

3. Develop a communication system (phone, email, mail, personal visits, seminars...)

4. Stay in contact with your friends

5. Send the latest industry news to your friends, especially new trends in the industry.

6. Ask your friends for referrals (beats cold calling everyday)

7. Edify, edify, edify (people like to hear good things about themselves)

8. Establish new professional friendships with people you were referred to

9. Start this process over with your new friends.

Bonus tip: Give tips to your friends - lol


Ced Reynolds

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