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You will notice over the next 24 to 48 hours that the number of posts in Articles seems to be shrinking.  That is because we have put together an APSense Administration Team who are now sorting through all of the posts in the Article sections.  For the last week we have been contacting members and or asking you to move ads into the Marketplace through comments in your posts.  While we have made every effort to let members know that ads need to be moved it has not been possible in every case.

Many of you are not on our friends list so we cannot sent you a private message.  We hve even gone so far as to leave word on profiles to accept our friend's requests  so that we could let you know what was going on.  In many cases we have sent multiple messages.  For those who we were able to contact we want to thank you for your quick reponses in relocating your posts to the Marketplace your cooperation means that you will not lose your posts.  For those posted ads that remain in the Articles section, we have been left with no choice but to delete them.

The description of article now clearly stated no ads so all ads posted into articles will be deleted immediately.  We have tried to give members time it to move ads, it has been a week since The Marketplace was updated to handle all ads.  Several posts concerning ads, spam and The Marketplace have been made over the past week so we have made every attempt to allow membe...

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