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Hello, Everyone I glad that you took the time to be a part of Taking Control of Your Success. I am going to be straight to the point, I myself have found myself just wandering among all sorts of programs, and different opportunities until I just lost focus on my complete goals of success. I'm sure that I'm not the only one, but, Now is the time to start taking control of our success. As for many as well as myself we all are all trying to become more successful. First I must stop diving into ever opportunity that comes my way, second I must become more organized, putting all things that I have affiliated myself with online and offline into a planned process of organization, "I must keep focused on my goals of my planned success, not to let anything deviate me from my focused Success".

First I must say this, Who am I to criticize myself  Well if I do not criticize myself then I cannot observe or recognize my mistakes, So I say to you, Criticize, Analyze, Observe, your steps toward your success, "Always remember to Finish each step toward your goals as planned even it if it fails, because without failure you will not succeed", because from failure we learn from our mistakes, this is called critiquing or perfecting the process of your success is to Stay Focused, this allows you to Take Control Of Your Success.

I remember when I was a child how I learned the things I needed to learn in order for me to to become a young m...

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