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Or at least I think that's why I'm found online so much. Like the saying "Youth is Wasted on the Youth.", the things I'm doing to make more money online is consuming much of my time and I need to earn more to be able to continue. I hope that my experience can help others achieve a freedom like mine. It is not easy, but it suits me just fine. Nothing else better to do is never a good way to describe your ability to get busy. If you can find ways to continuously be productive then I want to hear how you are doing it. This forum can be for those who want to share their recommendations on what is good, and what is bad about marketing and writing for online publishers. Mainly for the freelance writer and business owner, these insights should include links to recommended information I could use to keep doing what I want to do. If you're like me, then you'll want to know more about these things to. My first link will be to my LinkedIN profile. There you can connect with Yuwanda Black. She has a deep resource of articles for the aspiring business writer and online marketer. Because I recommend you learn as much as you can right now, reading these articles will only take a short time and they are filled with relevant information on how to be successful writing content for online publishers, copywriters, and SEO driven content producers. http://www.smallurl.info/?r=3uq

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