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We are all a part of this network and also of others.  We join networks to build our list of contacts and friends.  Some people seem to have an easy time of it, others do not.  Let's say you join a network and do everything right.  You create a great profile page that tells others about you, you follow the TOS and yet you still can't seem to get anywhere.  Then you need to look at what exactly it is you are contributing.

There are two types of contributions guaranteed to limit your success if that is all you are contributing.  Ads and cut and paste article submissions.  What you do and what you contribute gives the other members an impression of you good or bad. 

If all you ever post are ads the impression you are giving other members is that you don't want a relationship with them.  You are telling them by your actions that you don't see them as people but sales.  There's nothing wrong with posting an ad or two when you balance it out with your own topic threads and comment on others threads.  If you aren't doing that you are simply "spreading the spam".  You are constantly pushing your products with no thought to the people you wish to engage.  You may not be posting duplicate content or sending your annoying links to them through e-mail or private messages but you are spamming them none the less.  You are constantly exposing them to programs ...

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