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Hi All,

Just writing to give feeback on my class tonight. Tonight I gave a basic PC usage class to some senior citizens who were having trouble operating their computers.

It's kind of funny but their main questions seem to be how to make their PCs faster. Go figure? lol

Anyway, they asked lots of questions. Which I answered. I helped them individually for a bit too.

They all wanted me to start a newsletter in which they could submit questions and I would answer them without putting their names in the newsletter. Nobody wants to feel dumb they said. lol   I told them that there were no dumb questions and the ones they asked might help others who have the same questions. So, I set that up too after class.

They asked me when I could come back and if I was going to do this again. I think I will, it was alot of fun and each of them thanked me and told me that they learned a lot. This is what makes me happy. So it was good for me and good for them as well. :)

Oh, almost forgot. I also got 2 paying jobs out of the deal too. A couple of them wanted to pay me to come to their house and work on their computers. Not sure if I will do this but.....

It just goes to show the power of networking. :)  Just like here on Apsense. Keep up the good work everyone!


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