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For Search Engines

If people wanna find something with help of Search Engines they use KEYWORDS (mostly phrases - example - “work at home” “online business opportunity” and so on)! How do Search Engines know, what You Ad is promoting?

Well, they send out “robots” (like googlebot, MSNbot, Yahoo slurp …). The main function of the robots is to crawl websites and recognize, what about are those websites and pages.This is done by indexing the keywords(keyphrases) on every single page of the website.

So the first thing You must do, is keyword research. This means, that:

1. Find the keywords best describing Your product or website.

2. You have to chose the one to optimize Your Ad. DO NOT put lots of different keywords in one Ad. Search Engines will not rank such Ads high and that means You will get no or few visits to Your Ad! Better write for every keyword a new Ad and optimize them for ONE KEYWORD.

3. Put this keyword to title. It is better, if You title starts with this keyword or phrase, BUT remember about visitors!!! If people see a title, that “looks ugly” (example - “Work at home online business make money …”) they will not click on that. Would You?

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