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Everybody sing along!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
identity thieves stole from me
Twelve marble statues's,
Eleven Craftsman tool kits,
Ten Barbie Dream cars,
Nine Super Bowl Tickets,
Eight Christmas Turkeys,
Seven Boliva watches,
Six Starbucks Lattes,
Five diamond rings,
Four Goodyear tires,
Three plasma TV's,
Two tanks of gas,
And a vacation in the south of France!

While it may seem funny Identity theves will be doing just those types of things during the holidays.  What better time to slip a few bogus charges through than when you are doing all that hectic Christmas shopping?  Many people will have made so many different chagres on their credit cards, what's one or two more?  This is prime time for thieves to strike your finances and credit.  There are a few things you can do to help protect yourself:

Check your account balances daily.  There are Federal protections in place in the U.S. that can limit your losses but they are time sensitive.  The sooner you discover fraudulent charges and mysterious withdrawals, the better.

Use your body to shield checks as you fill them out if you use paper.  A good Identity thief can memorize the necessary information on your check in 30 seconds!

Don't use any ATM machine that looks like it may have be...

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