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DHS VIP Membership

Hallo, Are you Still looking for something that actually works?

Some folks still don't understand some parts about DHS it can take some reading to fully understand the Potential that is in-front of you. So here is An Explanation of how the system works how we get you started and help you build your own home business withing the Discount Home Shopping Club.

Remember this is only in regards to being a VIP Member and not about shoppers income and benefits. This is just one part of The DHS Club Shop. Also remember anybody that joins through myself, I place you above an existing VIP so now you only need to find one more VIP of your own and you are pay free.

I will be building your Organisation while you start your training using The DHS e Business Institute as a VIP Member.

Here is an Explanation how it exactly works and you can see the diagrams http://www.mickrush.com/homebiz/howitworks4u.html

Hope this helps



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