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I just visited another site that I am active on and noticed a new member.  She really stuck out among all of the new sign ups becuase of her first post.  Nothing about here business, nothing about any business at all.  Instead she started a thread asking other members to chime in with their favorite song and what made it the favorite.

That's one smart cookie!  She basically just posted a thread that was designed to do one thing, get people to open up about themselves personally, and it's working!  People are posting all sorts of songs but the real interesting part is in the explanations.  For some the song just makes them feel good in general, other like the complexity of the melody, still others connect their favorite to a happy time in their lives.  Some of these reponses are from people who have never really posted anything of worth on the site but now they are.

So I decided to try her little experiment here.  What are your favorite song(s) and why? Don't think you have to post a mile long list all at once.  You can always come back and add more later.  That's what is happening there!  Someone makes a post and it reminds others of something they liked about the song or maybe another song by the artist that they really like.  It is snowballing and taking on a life of it's own with a lot of interaction going on between the members.

One of my favorite songs is Flashlight by Parliament. ...

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