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I recently had a phone call from someone who wanted to get into my primary MLM business.  When I first spoke to her, she was very interested in the opportunity and wanted more information and what she could do to get in.

Now grant it, I qualified her first to make sure this was right for her.  She seemed excited, had the right attitude for this type of business.  However, when I went to call her things changed.  She now was not interested in the business.  I must admit I was shocked how someone who seemed to display so much interest could suddenly not be interested.

She told me that there were a few things that she did not like about the business.  She went on to explain that she went onto google to search our company, and did not like what she saw.  At this point I did not try to convince her, what she thought is what she thought, and there would be nothing I could say to change her mind.

Now I am not upset that she did not join my business, what I am upset about is that she allowed some unverified sources to stop her from doing something beneficial in her life.  She understood the business and knew that it could change her life if she tried.  However a few bad things on google, changed her perspective.

I think it is sad, that first of all, there are people out there who just like to bash every MLM opportunity in the world.  What I find sadder is that there are peopl...

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