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A couple years back, my wife and children and I were on our way home from a long trek out to Calgary when we stopped in Saskatoon for a quick bite to eat.  Shortly after we got settled at our table in that greasy old KFC restaurant, my youngest who was all of nine months old at the time did the damnest thing.

Suddenly his eye's lit right up, his soother dropping into the tray of the restaurant high chair as he started smiling his irrestible little kid grin. 

Unsure of just what had so suddenly brightened his mood, my wife started jokingly to give him heck for flirting with an older woman.

Turning to look over towrds the counter, I seen this very attractive woman who I'd guess was about 40(or should I say 27? LOL), who was smiling right back at him and now, myself too.  LOL...Now wondering just how he picked that up already and still not quite believing what I was seeing(I mean, his OLDER Brother was still just speaking 'Savage' at the time!)

Returning her smile, about halfway turned back towards him my smile grew wider as I blurted out "ATTA BOY!!"

Ahh...they make you so proud!  But I still don't get why my wife slapped me?!  ROFLMA!!

Adventures of an 'urban' bushman....

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