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All the identity theft experts and specialists in the world always offer a common theme, control your information. We tell people control your information by shredding, by deleting unknown links and e-mails, don't give out your social security number.

Many people think that by following these tips they become "identity theft proof". Unfortunately that is not how it works. You can lessen your risk but you can never completely eliminate it. Too many people have access to your personal information. Even security measures on your accounts cannot protect you. Thieves have a way of getting that information too, once they do there is damage that can be done.

After all those people who have access to that security information must be A) trustworthy and B) diligent about their job. This article from The Consumerist shows that they are sometimes neither trustworthy nor diligent in doing their jobs. Millions of dollars are being lost to identity theft through outsourced call centers.

The last time you called the customer service line for your credit card did you speak to an American or a foreigner? Was that call answered and handled in the U.S. (or whatever nation you live in) or in a foreign outsourced call center? Was that rep Indian, Filipino, or some other nationality? Laws and regulations that businesses must follow vary from plac...

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