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Well, I hope not!

You see, it's your ability to laugh and clear away that stressful fog that will probably see you through on the way to a more successful Life!

I don't see any good reason to stop being happy for yourself, just because some other folks( Stock Market Bandits, Politicians and Spammers)  are determined to ruin things and make evertone else feel bad.

You have a "Right To Delight" is my point of view!

And just in case you have forgotten that simple pleasure, here's a great joke test for you all to see if you've still got your "Funny Bones":)

Q. What did the Elephant say to the naked man 

A. Nice, but can it pick up peanuts 

While walking through the park with his father, a young boy happened to
notice two dogs in the act. "What are they doing daddy " The father replied, "They are making puppies, son."
Some time later, the lad awoke from a bad dream and went to his parents room. When he entered, he exclaimed "Daddy! Why are you on
top of Mommy!"
Wanting to be honest, but brief, his father said: "Your mother and I are
trying to make you a baby brother or sister"
The youngster said, "Well flip over momma, I want a puppy!"

Two blondes are walking in the woods when one spots tracks and sa...

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