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If you go to the grocery store and go down the canned meats aisle you will see a little product called Spam.  It's a canned meat product that inspired a Monthy Python Skit.  That skit in turn inspired the use of the word spam as applied to marketing and the internet.

There's another connection between Spam and spam also, it comes in different flavors.  Just as you can purchase Original Spam or a different flavor, now we have a different flavor of spam too.  Perhaps you don't realize that this is spam but, if you have posted so many ads that yours are the only ones of the first page  you have just spammed the site.

You have just overrun the site with your ads and prevented every other member of the site their fair chance to be seen on the front page.  Every member of this site deserves the opportunity to have their products and opportunities seen, that is the purpose of the Marketplace.  It does not matter if all of your posts are different products or opportunities, what matters is the fact that you have deliberately forced every other member of this site into the second or third page.  You would not be very happy if someone did that to you.

So lets use common courtesy when posting to the Marketplace and realize that we are not the only members on the site.  Let's remember that others post to the Marketplace so that their opportunities can be seen also and it is only fair that they be allowed their time o...

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