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When people first start an exercise program, most are intimidated from others in the gym. The ones who are full of muscles or wearing the skimpy clothes. I tell my clients donot worry about that. Worry and focus about yourself. Everyone started at the bottom and they worked thier way up, plus it has to do with what you want to acheive for yourself. To be healthy you do not have to spend hours in the gym, or try to lift the heaviest weight. Going on the treadmill, or swimming 20 miinutes 3 days a week is just as good. If anything 45 minutes is recommended at 3 days a week. But the first thing and I always tell my clients is that if you have had an injury or taking medications for high blood pressure, diabetes or whatever the case may be consult your physician first. Tell him/her what you are about to do and they will tell you that it is either a good idea or not. You may do more harm then good. I try and get people to do more cardio and bodyweight exercises, or combination workouts. Combination workouts are where you are doing an exercise but your working several body parts at once. You attain not only cardio, but muscle endurance, muscle streengthening and toning. Yoga is another good way to tone and strengthen your body, and not just the body but mentally and spiritually as well. People think yoga is some form of religion or new wave thing but in fact yoga has been around for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time. (See my article about "My two favorite books" in Life in ge...

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