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Hello everyone. Well everyone knows if you have not read my article or profile what I have done or what I have been going through this year, but this article is aobut where and what I have done in the Army. I joined back in 1996, first in the reserves at the age of 29....well just befor emy 29th birthday. I had that (29th birthday) during my basic training at FT (relaxin) Jackson, SC. I ended up being in charge of my platoon for the full 8 weeks of basic. I went in as a fuel hamdeler, basically refueling other units ,and my unit as well when we got deployed or on field exercises, but I wanted more so after a few months when I returned from basic training I was allowed to go active duty. I switched to Aviation operations and that was fun. My training was at FT. Rucker, AL, and upon graduating there I went to FT Campbell, KY. Home of the 101st Airborne/Assault Division. That the best time of my life. I loved the training I received and I took full advantage of the military schools, (Communications, Air Assault School, Military software for advanced land navigation, Physical Training School, etc) I even did my first bodybuilding event when I was there. Even to this day at 41, and with my situation with my son and not having the time to go to the gym like I want at the moment I still keep the phyisque from back then. I just do a lot of pushups and other bodyweight exercises I can do at home. Anyway, from FCampbell, i went to Germany for 2 years, first at Weisbaden...

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