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I am prompted to write this article because I have received a couple of invites to join groups and I have declined, for the single reason that there is no indication of what the groups are about.

I Have noticed that there are a number of groups that have either

  1. just an affiliate link to a program and no comment or just one sentence.
  2. almost nothing in the group description.

Let us look at what item 1 is telling us as that is a very damaging message you are sending out.
By just putting a site URL in the group description you are telling us

"Don't bother looking in this group I am only interested in you signing up to join this program."
You are also telling us
"I am too darn lazy to write anything here, I am just here to spam post, and all I am going to be doing is posting copy and past garbage ads in this group"

Now this may not be your intention at all, BUT, IT IS  the message you are sending out and you are not going to get the people joining your group.

Ok Enough said on that item lets look at item 2.

If you want people to Join your group then you need to give them a reason to want to do so.
Think about this for a second as that's all it should take for you to make a decision.

There are two shops right next door to each other, both sell identical go...

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