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For some reason those marketing on the internet limit the idea of advertising resources to ad boards and traffic exchanges. If that is what you are doing you are overlooking a very powerful resource that is your for the taking, embeddable videos. YouTube has videos on anything and everything under the sun. Why aren't you using these in your blogs? A search on YouTube can turn up homemade videos, news reports and more that you can use in your blog to present a problem to which you have the solution. When you embed the video in your blog, Add your own descriptive title and your readers will watch it. Then use your blog to present the solution! The most powerful benefit of doing this is you are not the one telling your readers that they have a problem, it's an independent 3rd party source that has nothing to gain. Instead of looking like you are trying to create a problem you are just presenting what someone else has said. You are the problem solver. And it costs you nothing except the time it takes to write your blog! You can find embeddable videos on: YouTube MySpaceTV Google And many more sites!

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