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I'm refering to those products titled as "How to make so-and-so $$$ in so-and-so days" even if you don't know what to do. The product creators then proceed to show their screen-captured checks on their sales pages. Well, nothing wrong with them. These type of packages are like the "Greatest Hits" albums which contain nothing but THE BEST. They contain the exact historical accounts of what successful Internet Marketers did that gave them the 'big break'. If you just follow and copy what they did, you will be successful...

Frankly speaking, this whole idea of "following and copying" is not as simple as it seems. If the 95% poor can copy the 5% rich perfectly, then the poor can become rich, but this is normally NOT TRUE! Let's not say Donald Trump...You can't even copy your classmate! You can model after Donald Trump, but ultimately you can only be YOU! It is only your own chicken nature that demands your fullest self-expression in order to be alive, especially for a netrepreneur!

I really salute you if you can copy 100% someone else's methodology, but most of us can't. Step-by-step systems can only be as relevant as they can inspire you with sheer confidence and into massive action. So how do you begin to appreciate step-by-step systems?

There are only 3 things you MUST learn to look out for when studying these instructionals. Just don't read them like novels; scan through the pages quickly!

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