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I see allot of guys out there and on forums,blogs,and enzines claiming that they make well over 6 figures per year in there in home based business. This is a lie. I'm not saying everyone,but there are a few people I do know personally that make up there success story's. Thank god there are not any where in here,at apsense.

It's scary  to know that! My self on the other hand, have an off line business in the barbershop industry. I've been in the Network Marketing industry on and off for awhile. I refuse to make such lies and claims,about success on line.People nowadays are really smart and savvy,when comes to things on line. Buying,or puting in there email address on an opt in form. I really believe in giving people the absoulute truth.This is the real way to attract people in whatever opportunity your in. Before attraction marketing got really big or the name started to come out about this method,I was doing this and didn't know what it was at the time.

Now with the internet,and all the social sites out there,if you think about,sponsoring people,recruiting isn't hard at all. Or even selling a product or service won't be hard at all. If it is something someone really could use. That's my 2cents and thank yall for reading.




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