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Be on the Alert if you get a similar email from your domain registrar.

The following is an email I received today.

This is a phishing  email  and if you get it  then  DO NOT click on the link.

by placing your mouse over the link you will see added  at the end of  the site url is the following

However they could be using  numerouse  domains so be carefull if the url ends  with ( being  some other domain name) then report it.

Network solutions are aware of it and have a warning  on their support page that they and several other  domain registrars clients are under attack.

If you get one send it to the appropriate registrar so they can get their legal people on to it to get the domain closed down


Dear Network Solutions® Customer,

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 10:24:04 -0300 we received a third party complaint of invalid domain contact information in the Whois database for this domain. Whenever we receive a complaint, we are required by ICANN regulations to initiate an investigation as to whether the contact data displaying in the Whois database is valid data or not. If we find that there is invalid or missing data, we contact both the registrant and the account holder and inform them to update the information.

Please note: ICANN (the Interne...

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