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It happens to us all sooner or later. We make a post and it does not come out looking right.

So what do we do now?

All posts except comments can be corrected if they don't come out looking as they should.

When you make a post as soon as you submit it you are shown the post you just made.

Check it over read it and make sure you didn't miss any typo's or spelling mistakes.
Check the layout is as you wanted it.

If it is not right then look at the middle top section (see pic) and you will se edit.

Simply click on that make the changes you want and then click the Submit button.

Review and repeat if needed.

If you prefer you can use the delete link to the right of the edit and start afresh.

What you should not do is leave the post as it is and go and create a new one.

ALWAYS either edit to make corrections or Delete and start again.


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