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In order to have a home buisness you have to work at it.

.Its not where you wake up one day and say ok let work from home.

It takes time and money just like going out to work everyday.

If you work as a group at it you all have to listen to one another and get as much info you can on what you are going to do.

It is not a fly by night work from home.  It takes time and effort for everyone doing there own part to make the buisness work the right way.

You much learn to love one another and respect one another and trust one another. If you can not do that. Then step  back and ask your self what I am I doing here..We all want a better life for our families and kids so lets start off the right way by learning all the basics and to love your self before you love someone else.  I am soooooooo Thankful for who I have met and been working with that there is nothing more then to improve myself for them.   And stick by there side for life and be the best I can to them....

Teresa Gasparre

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