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Mortgage companies, insurers, banks, auto makers......Who's next on the list of "poor" corporations that will be looking for a government handout? It could just be your local mall or that 5 star hotel.  Yes now the folks in commercial real estate are bellyaching about the financial crisis.  Forclosures and defaults on commercial property is climbing.

These corporations are wasting no time bellying up to the bar for their share of free government money at the expense of the very consumers who they are already getting money from.  Note: taxpayers are consumers.  They are already in our pockets for the goods and services they provide and now we are going to end up bailing them out too.  How about a bailout for the average consumer who is getting stuck with all of the bills?

But wait I have a better idea.  Since we are bailing them out on the backend maybe they should be giving us the goods and services on the front end for free until they have paid back the bailout money.

The mortgage companies can allow us to pay off our mortgages at say $0.05 on the dollar We can pay $5000 for that $100,000 home and free up at least $1,000 a month in mortgage payments.

Insurance companies can automatically provide every taxpayer with $5,000 life insurance policy and those of us who want more coverage can pay for it. (we've got an extra g...

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