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Happy, healthy feet are as valuable as a well tuned car getting good mileage. If you wish to be an active person on the go without the nagging “My feet hurt”, then maybe these ideas will work for you. >>Wear flip flops instead of going barefoot. You can avoid ringworm, warts, athlete’s foot, and other icky stuff. >>Turn on the lights or have a flashlight handy when you get up in the middle of the night. Who needs a broken toe when you have great plans for tomorrow. >>Summer routine should include sunscreen. ouchie feet and ankles might slow you down. >>Drink plenty of water. Coffee and tea don’t count. We need to keep hydrated to keep swelling down. >>Flex your ankles, wiggle your toes, stretch calves to enhance blood flow >>Remember that nail polish might cause fungus. Yellow toenails or the absence of toenails is not cool >>Dry out wet sneakers and don’t wear the same shoes everyday. >>Wear shoes according to activity. Personally I need ankle support for long walks. >>Spray anti-antiperspirant on your feet if they’re often sweaty. For ankle stiffness do a daily exercise while you are being a couch potato. Take your big toe and write all the letters of the alphabet. Repeat with the other foot. Now get up and go for a nice long walk and put on some miles. Panda picked happy healthy feet to keep you comfortable and healthy and recommends you visit Foot Care Direct for assistance with feet problems. Comments (0)

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