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With all of the social networks our there we collect online friends constantly.  There's nothing wrong with that, you have the opportunity to meet and get to know people from the other side of the globe and build great relationships with them.  But the key word is build relationships.  The internet has opened up a possible base of friends you would not otherwise have access to.  However some people do not really understand what they have access to.

I can't tell you how many people I block or simply delete the friends request when I get it because of one simple mistake.  They don't take the time to read my profile and learn anything about me. They don't interact with me they simply throw ads or other garbage my way.   I'm on one site that is a combination of friendship, business contacts and dating.  I have plainly stated that I am not there to get into a serious relationship, so why would I constantly get friends requests looking for serious relationships   They did not read my profile, they simply saw I was female and sent me a request.  I simply deleted and blocked them.

It works the same way with a business network.  Everyone here is in business but what makes you think we want to be in your business   Why send a friend request only to turn around and send a spam message trying to recruit us to your business   How about taking the time to get to know us and see what we are looking for    I am a big believer in the reciprocal ...

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