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Mercury is in retrograde and for many people that means bad luck.  It's almost a given that some people will experience the most disastrous of experiences during this period.  My sister is one of those people who firmly believes in the power of Mercury retrograde.  She pulls up and posts the schedule so she does not try to accomplish anything of importance during that period.  She in effect becomes a member of the Red Shirt Society.

So what you ask is the Red Shirt Society   Well if you ever watched the original Star Trek television series, you may have noticed that the crew members in red shirts that beamed down to alien worlds had a life expectancy of about 5 seconds.  The only exception was Mr Scott.  Possibly being the Chief engineer blessed him with some special immunity to The Curse.  The Red Shirt Curse was so bad that it was written into the Tim Allen movie, Galaxy Quest, in which the character Guy Fleegman AKA Crewman Number 6 spends the entire movie worrying about his impending demise.  He is convinced that unknown crewman such as himself will die.

Over the years Trek fans have created this unofficial fraternity of Red Shirters whose motto is "Never Beam Down".  When Mercury goes into retrograde, many otherwise normal people join their own version of the Red Shirt Society.  Like my sister who will not travel, will not go on an appointment, will not start a major project.  Granted looking back over her life many of the w...

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