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1) If it sounds too good to be true, it is! Try to find an account of someone who 'made it' or succeeded without ever having at least one original thought they put into action, You won't!

2) There is no tailor suited "greatest opportunity in the world" for ANY individual. Your best opportunity is what YOU say it is based on who you are as an individual and what your own unique interests are. Anyone who claims they know the best opportunity for you either has no idea of that which they speak, or is out purely for their own interests which simply put, is looking to seperate you from your money.

3) Any opportunity you choose to promote must absolutely fit you and your business plan like a glove. If it does not fit into what you are striving to accomplish at the present moment, ignore it! Furthermore, if you are operating without a business plan, you are committing "business sucide", and unless you are some sort of twisted evil genius, you are most likely NOT going to acheive the success you so desire.

4) Stay focused on your business plan, expand and develope it as necassary, and WORK HARD. If you are truly on the right path it will not even seem like work to you anyways.

5) Join a mastermind group to help guide and keep you focused. If all else fails refer back to your business plan and/or your mastermind group.

6) Bui...

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