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One of the new upgrades to the site is the addition of honors for members. 

Certified Member

This is the first honor introduced for our members.  In order to be Certified, you must:

Have a properly completed profile and read and agree to all site policies.  We will be updating this post to tell you how you can get this honor once it is in place.

There will be more information on this honor coming up soon!  Also check back for new honors as they are introduced.

Certified Member Privileges

Being a certified member gives you certain privileges:

Post Topics

Add Photos

Share Website

Create Plug-in

Create Poll

These privileges are limited to Certified Members only.  All other functions are available to all members.  If you have not been certified please read the Definition of Spam Posting then go to the Apply for Certification thread and make sure you follow the instructions provided there.  Your application will be reviewed.

NOTE: Being certified is not "permanant"  Certification can be withdrawn for the ...

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